Without light we would not have art.


When I was little, I can remember my dad and I in his office a.k.a. our garage asking me, "Do you want this?"  There were so many cool objects in there that I would always pick up and play with.  Some were shiny, some were greasy, some were sharp, some were soft. I was always playing with their relationships, as well as the light and shadows of the objects. This investigation also led to my love of neon, as well as the light to create shadows into each work of art.  This experimentation is the beginning of my art journey.  Each object has its own energy, so why create new objects when we already have a cornucopia of intriguing objects that can be used to create new ones?  Each piece is awaiting its partners to become something beautiful and whole.  Objects joining together become new, and in this day and age, we must think repurpose/reposition.